Dentist Bondi with Distinction

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Bondi Beach Dental is the practice of Dr. Haddon Suttner (BSc BDent). Bondi Beach Dental is located a two-minute walk from the famous Bondi Beach.

Movie Star Tooth Whitening

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I met many people who wants to get white teeth and perfect smile like Julia Roberts. People wonder how these Movie Stars have perfect white teeth. Teeth whitening was something magic few years ago. Now i can see a lot of people with white teeth and a bright smile, just because of teeth whitening treatment is now available everywhere.

Diabetes And Oral Health

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Diabetes is a common disease with concomitant oral manifestations
that impact dental care.People with poorly controlled diabetes have a
higher risk of tooth problems and gum disease than people without
diabetes. This is because they have lowered resistance to infection
and may not heal as easily. If you have diabetes, you need to pay
particular attention to your oral health and dental care, as well as
controlling your blood glucose levels. Visit your dentist regularly
for advice about how to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Your Toothbrush Can Harm

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There are more bacteria in the mouth than anywhere else in your body,
and some of them get on your toothbrush when you brush your teeth. In
addition, most people store their toothbrush in the bathroom, which
tends to contain numerous airborne bacteria because of the warm,
moist environment. The mere presence of bacteria on a toothbrush can
or will lead to illness.