Faults and Failures of Complete Denture

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Complete dentures are a kind of artificial teeth that cover the entire jaw. Complete dentures may be used for the upper or lower jaw, or both if needed.

Why Dental Crowns Fall Off?

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Crowns are made to last a long life. However, problems may arise. Dental crown may chip, break, or falls off. If any of these happens, you should visit your dentist without delay.

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

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When you feel a sensation while drinking hot or cold drink, or eating hot or cold food, you are facing dental sensitivity. This dental sensation is always painful or at least you experience an uncomfortable situation.

Do You Know What Lives in Your Mouth?

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It may sound bizarre, but it is the fact that your mouth is home to a number of microscopic creatures. You can’t see them, feel them or taste them, yet your mouth hosts groups of microorganisms. About 650 species of bacteria reside in this “microbiome”. Most of these tiny oral creatures do us no harm, […]