Baby Bottle Tooth Decay – Causes and Prevention

Posted on : 21-07-2012 | By : Haddon Suttner | In : Dentistry for Children

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Tooth decay in infants or toddlers is called Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. It is also called Early Childhood Caries. Normally front teeth are the victims of baby bottle tooth decay. Teeth may develop dark pits, holes or are broken. This causes toothaches and makes it hard for the child to chew and eat. It also causes problems in speaking clearly. Of course, smile of your beautiful baby may not look good.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay



Baby Bottle Tooth Decay happens when liquids containing sugar are present in a baby’s mouth for long time or frequent periods of time. Such liquids include juices, sweetened water or formulas. Even breast milk contains sugar. Main reason is to feed the baby when he is sleeping, or try to make him sleep with bottle in mouth. Baby sleeps and the bottle remains in his mouth. The sugar containing liquid freely moves around teeth for whole night or several hours. This helps bacterial to flourish and act freely, which paved the way for tooth decay.


You can safe your child from tooth decay by following simple guidelines:

  • Never feed the child with bottle in his mouth and he is sleeping.
  • Do not send or make him sleep while bottle in mouth.
  • Do not make the baby and yourself sleep while he is breastfeeding.
  • Train your kid to drink in cup from the age of 6 months. Quitting bottle is necessary as soon as possible.
  • Clean the teeth of baby after each feeding. You may use a clean wash cloth or gauze pad.
  • You may consider in office teeth whitening procedure, done by your dentist.
  • If your baby uses a pacifier, do not dip it in honey or sugar.

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