Foods that Whiten Teeths Naturally

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White teeth are important especially in the face to face conversation. People will compliment you on your smile. Ugly yellow teeth will give bad impression from your audience.There are certain foods that whiten teeth. The process is gradual and subtle, but if you consistently use them on your teeth you will notice a difference over the course of several months. While you do this, it is important to avoid things that stain your teeth.

Early Childhood Caries

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Early childhood caries (ECC), also known as baby bottle tooth decay (BBTD) is a preventable infectious disease caused by certain types of bacteria (bugs) that live in your mouth. Bacteria stick to the film on your teeth called plaque. The bacteria feed on what you eat especially sugars and cooked starch (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.).

Foods that Cause Tooth Decay In Children

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Many different types of food can cause tooth decay in children, not just candy. Foods that are high in carbohydrates, as well as some fruits, juices and sodas, peanut butter, crackers and potato chips are culprits. Factors that cause tooth decay include the frequency in which the foods are eaten and the time they remain as particles in the mouth.

Vegetarians and Oral Health

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People afraid of fat and cholesterol problems tend to become vegetarians. Vegetarian diet can of good health benefits. On the other hand, vegetarians should be aware of the possible oral health issues they may face. Vegetarians risk themselves by missing some important nutrients by sticking to specific type of diet.

Using Straw for Soft Drinks

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Use of Straw

Soft drinks, colas and soda drinks are routine intake. People like to have canned drinks as they are easy to carry and use. But, when you drink from can your teeth take a bath of that drink. This prolonged contact, rather full bath, of teeth in soda is dangerous.

Candies and Your Teeth

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Children love to eat candies and chocolate. Most of the candies are sugar-rich. It is advised to control the intake of such sugar rich candies. What about joys of childhood? One the joy is to eat these juicy, yummy candies. You may check and choose Good candies and deny Bad candies, bad for teeth.