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Diet sodas are sugar free and provide a small amount of calories. Diet soda is the regular drink of dieters. The persons who trying to lose weight or consume less sugar chooses diet sodas. Some enjoy the taste of these drinks, prefer them over plain water. Diet drinks, however, particularly diet sodas, are nutrient-free and may be connected with health threat. They contain poorly tested or unsafe non-nutritive sweetener; and, because they are highly acidic, may have the potential to grind down tooth enamel. While diet soda may be free of calories, it’s not free of health side effects. There are some dangers associated with diet soda.



The Bad Effects of Diet Soda Drinks

1. Kidney Damage
The kidney function decline was noted that those who drank at least 2 cans, bottles or glasses of diet drinks daily. Diet Soda drinks cause high blood pressure or diabetes.
2. Obesity
Diet soda drinks causes obesity. Some people feel that drinking diet soda gives them a “free pass” to eat more that leading to weight gain. Some people noticed that the sweet taste of diet pop alerts digestive system and our appetite increases.
3. Tooth Damage
Phosphoric acid is found in many diet sodas it grind down tooth enamel. Darker colas are more likely to contain it than lighter diet drinks. Citric acid is another ingredient added to many diet sodas it eats away tooth enamel.
4. Bone Loss
Drinking diet soda can also lead to bone loss. The phosphoric acid in the soda causes calcium in your bloodstream to be excreted more quickly than normal through urine.
5. Nutrient Free
Diet sodas are devoid of nutrients, particularly vitamins and minerals. While calorie-free, they offer no health benefits. Although 100 percent fruit juices are high in sugar, they are also usually rich in vitamin C, an essential nutrient for human health.
6. Risk of Diabetes

Those who drank at least one diet soda daily were have a 67 percent greater risk of diabetes.
7. Loss of Calcium
Daily consumption of diet soda makes you three to four times more likely to suffer from a stress fracture and at an increased risk for osteoporosis.


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