Foods that Cause Tooth Decay In Children

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Many different types of food can cause tooth decay in children, not just candy. Foods that are high in carbohydrates, as well as some fruits, juices and sodas, peanut butter, crackers and potato chips are culprits. Factors that cause tooth decay include the frequency in which the foods are eaten and the time they remain as particles in the mouth.

Foods Causes Tooth Decay

Foods that contain sugar include:
1. sweets and chocolate
2. Cakes and Biscuits
3. Pastries and Fruit Pies
4. Puddings
5. Sugary Breakfast Cereals
6. Jam
7. Honey
8. Ice Cream
9. Dried Fruit
10. Sweet Sauces
11. Syrups
12. Candy


1. Babies should not be put to bed and left with a bottle of juice or even milk, as this can cause decay.
2. The amount of sugar in children’ diet
3. Limit sugary drinks in childen diet
4. Discourage children from eating too many sweets or biscuits.
5. Wherever possible, offer your child a piece of fruit instead of sweets or chocolates, or a fruit juice instead of a drink containing added sugar.
6. Eating cheese after a meal can reduce the effect of acid in the mouth.
7. It is important to read the contents of prepared foods bought for children.
8. Parents should take their infant to the dentist just after the first tooth appears.
9. Children should also be
supervised as they brush.
10. Children at school should rinse their mouth
with water after meals, leaving their teeth
free of sugar and acid.

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