Headache and Jaw Pain

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A bad headache with jaw pain is two common symptoms of temporomandibular joint syndrome. But they are also symptoms of a number of other diseases. It is important to see a doctor or a dentist to resolve what is causing the pain. These indications usually get worse over time if not treated. The temporomandibular joints are complex and are composed of muscles, tendons, and bones. Each component contributes to the smooth operation of the TMJ. When the muscles are relaxed and balanced and both jaw joints open and close comfortably we are able to talk and chew.






There are many causes for headache and jaw pain. They include arthritis, concussion, grinding the teeth or unknown reasons. But headache and jaw pain may also be symptoms of a earlier undiagnosed injury to the head, a tooth infection or sinuses that are so crowded, they are pressing down onto the upper part of the mouth, making it feel as if there is a toothache when there isn’t one. Jaw pain is a symptom of a variety of different diseases, disorders and conditions. If some one feel pain on one or both sides of head in front of ears this is temporomandibular joint disorder. Headache and jaw pain is characterized by pain, tenderness, and trouble opening your mouth. Headache and jaw pain is caused by behaviors, such as teeth grinding, offensively associated teeth or bite, and age-related wear and tear on the joint and the disc that cushions the joint.



1. Difficulty chewing or biting

2. Ear Pain

3. Head and face pain

4. Aches in the front of the face

5. A blow to the head can be faintness, vomiting, coordination problems and confusion.

6. Harsh feeling while chewing

7. Less range when closing / opening the mouth



Most people likely will have to go to both a doctor and a dentist and have them work together in order to come up with a diagnosis. To be sure there isn’t a skull fracture that could be causing the pain; doctors may insist that you get X-rays, a CT scan or an MRI. A small endoscope may be inserted up the nose so the doctor can try to discover the problem. Doctors and dentists will also need to physically check you and go over your medical history.


Treatment of headache and jaw pain varies greatly according to the cause. Painkillers and antibiotics are given if infection is suspected. Quick tooth extraction or a root canal may be necessary for tooth infections. Eat soft foods and use a cool compress to help dead the worse of the pain. Surgery is done only as a last resort for cases of TMJ or chronic sinusitis.


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