How to Floss Your Teeth?

Posted on : 11-06-2012 | By : Haddon Suttner | In : Preventive Dentistry

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Only brushing your teeth daily, or twice a day, is not sufficient. Flossing is necessary to remove particles and debris of food. Flossing removes unwanted particles from teeth where tooth brush cannot reach. If plaque is not removed, it causes tooth decay and other oral diseases. Flossing your teeth daily is a good habit.

Dental Floss

Flossing with proper method helps in getting good results. Here are some tips on how to floss you teeth:

  • Take 18 inches of floss. Twist the floss around middle fingers of both hands, in such a way that about 2 inches of floss is available between both fingers.
  • Hold the floss firmly between your thumbs and index fingers. Slide it gently between the gaps of two teeth. Movement of floss should be up and down.
  • Take the floss gently to the end of teeth and start of gum. Never use force, as it may hurt the gum tissues.


  • Flossing daily is a good habit.
  • Brush your teeth after flossing.

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