Process of Braces

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If you’re one of the millions of people with a less-than-perfect smile, don’t despair. You can begin orthodontic treatment at any age and you’ll find it makes a difference to the way you look and more importantly, to how confident you feel and how you project your personality.

Process of Braces

1. Consultation Visit

Doctor will do an evaluation of the patient and determine the following:

Need of orthodontic treatment
What type of treatment
An approximate of how long the treatment is going to last

2. Initial Bonding

Doctor will place the brackets on the patient and the spacers (the spacers will make room for the bands). In this appointment we will also take impressions to do Orthodontic models.If the spacers come out, patient will have to return to re-place them.This appointment can be schedule as soon as possible after the Consultation visit and patient has to have the Dentist Letter stating that the patient is caries free and had their cleaning within the last 6 months.

3. Banding

Doctor will take out the spacers and place the bands
By this appointment patient must have hade their extractions done if they were needed.If extractions were not done, then we cannot place the wire.

4. Adjustment visit

These appointments are done after the Banding visit and will be scheduled every 4-weeks.This is normally the only type of appointment that will be scheduled from this point on until the Deband visit (this appointment is to remove the braces).

5. Deband Visit

This appointment is to remove the braces.
In this appointment we will remove the braces and provide the patient with retainers.

6. Final Records Visit

In this appointment the patient will come to take final pictures, final X-rays and final models.
In this appointment we will also check if the retainers are fitting properly.
This appointment is done 2-4 weeks after the Deband visit.

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