Risks of Old Tooth Brush

Posted on : 06-11-2012 | By : Haddon Suttner | In : Dental Implants, Oral Health, Tooth Whitening

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Brushing your teeth with toothpaste is essential to good oral health. Not only does brushing your teeth help prevent tooth decay it also helps prevent gum disease which is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults and has been linked to heart attacks and strokes. Brushing regularly will help you maintain a healthy smile. But that smile won’t last long if you don’t take proper care of your toothbrush and switch to a new one more frequently.

According to the American Dental Association, toothbrushes can become infected with bacteria. These germs come from the mouth and can collect in the bristles of a toothbrush over time. Numerous studies over the years have reported the toothbrush to be the cause of repeated infection in the mouth. Not only able to grow and reproduce on the bristles of the brush, the bacteria also have the ability to transmit organisms responsible for diseases throughout the body. Past surveys behavior shows that almost two thirds of the population fails to change their toothbrush after the recommended three months.

It is so simple but by substitute a toothbrush more often we can avoid a lot of superfluous illness and disease. The strongest fight to change your toothbrush regularly is to prevent re-infection following the flu or cold. A dirty toothbrush can also be responsible for many ear, nose and throat infections.

It is considered an unnecessary expense but changing your toothbrush or the head of an electric toothbrush is actually very cheap. To spend £8 a year for four toothbrushes is nothing compared to losing a day off work and spending large amounts of money on preventable dental work, unnecessary prescriptions or over the counter medicines due to poor oral health.

There are plenty products on the market which claim to successfully clean thoroughly toothbrushes although the effectiveness of them is very debatable. After three months to buy a new toothbrush and begin to re-use the old brush for alternative household responsibilities.

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