Comparing Tooth Whitening Methods

Posted on : 05-05-2013 | By : Haddon Suttner | In : Tooth Whitening

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There is a discussion about getting tooth whitening treatment at home, or visiting a dentist for tooth whitening.



Home Based Tooth Whitening

There are people who like to try different things at home for tooth whitening. It is very similar as people try self-medication, without consulting any doctor. You can imagine how self tooth whitening can result, keeping in mind self-medication.

  • Home based teeth whitening methods need extra ordinary care. As the person applying tooth whitening method is not professional and experienced, so chances of accidental damages are more.
  • Home based teeth whitening techniques are time taking and boring. These tooth whitening methods can take upto few weeks, really !
  • For such a long period, regular daily treatment is required. If you miss one or more days, then whole process is disturbed. So it really needs too much care, regularity and dedication to apply home based tooth whitening methods.
  • The only benifit of home based tooth whitening methods is Low Cost. You can save your money if you use home based tooth whitening methods.

Tooth Whitening at Dentist

The work is done better by a person who is trained and specialised for the work. You cannot get a good photograph from a dentist, unless he has developed his skills in photography too. Similarly you should not try to do a job of dentist by yourself.

The major difference between home and dentist tooth whitening treatments is professional skill and experience.

  • You just get the teeth whitening kit and start applying it. On the other hand dentist first examine your teeth. Find if any cavities are there. If cavities are found then he will fill them up.
    Dentist will never start tooth whitening process unless he makes sure that your teeth are perfectly ready for any tooth whitening application.
  • For more security, dentist normally apply some gel on your gums to protect them.
  • Another important factor is time. If you are busy and cannot spare 1 or 2 hours daily, for few weeks then tooth whitening from dentist is the best choice. It normally takes only one visit of about 1 hour to get your teeth white and bright.

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