What Causes Tooth Infection

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Tooth Infection is a slow and gradual process resulting in dental cavities or dental caries. This tooth decay occurs when disease causing bacteria produce an acid which removes the top most layer of the tooth. This infection can go deeper in to the pulp chamber and results in tooth loss or it may even cause infections to wisdom tooth. Tooth infection can cause the bacteria in the mouth to enter the blood circulation, in to the blood stream to infect the heart valve.

Causes of Tooth Infection

A tooth infection usually starts from a normal tooth decay or cavity, and as the cavity deepens the bacteria enters the pulp tissue causing infection within the tooth. These bacteria that have entered the pulp chamber cause destruction of blood vessels and nerve tissue within the pulp; it causes liquefaction of the dead tissue. This mixture of living bacteria and rotten tissue, leaks out of the end of the tooth. The dead tissue irritates the surrounding alveolar bone and the supporting structures, making the tooth mobile. Fortunately, with a healthy immune system, the body fights back. However, if the infection is long term or chronic then the symptoms gradually appear.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria, when it comes in contact with food particles on the tooth surface. Plaque, a transparent layer formed on the tooth few hours after brushing, contains disease causing bacteria which feeds on the food you eat with high sugar content which in turn creates acid that destroy the teeth. Few minutes after eating this acid will start attacking the teeth and over a period of time acid will completely destroy the tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay. Any dental infection can cause serious problems and should be addressed as soon as possible.

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