What is Sleep Dentistry?

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Sedation dentistry is refers to the use of anesthesia during treatment to put patients into a relaxed state, almost like sleep. Sedation dentistry is used during procedures that require a wide amount of time in the treatment chair, and sedation is ideal for patients who reveal dental phobia or have difficulty controlling their movements. Sleep dentistry is used to provide a relaxing and anxiety-free experience for receiving dental treatment. It permits individual to go to the dentist to receive the dental care. Dental ensure patients to receive safe, comfortable, and anxiety-free dental care. Sleep dentistry is a process used to establish a relaxed, calm state through the use of sedative. Sedative drugs (tranquillizers, depressants, anti-anxiety medications, nitrous oxide, etc.) can be administered in a variety of ways.



Types of Sleep Dentistry Sedatives

There are four different types of dental sedation are used. The type can range from conscious to unconscious sedation.

Intravenous Sedatives

Intravenous sedative is used by a dentist. This is again another form of conscious sleep dentistry. With Intravenous sedation the medication will be delivered directly to your bloodstream resulting in the quick onset of a relaxed state. Intravenous sedatives help patients to get into such a relaxed state that they often do not remember the procedure but at the same time are still able to respond to requests from their dentist.

Inhalation Sedatives

Nitrous Oxide Nitrous Oxide laughing gas is used by a sedation dentist to again help put the patient in an extremely relaxed state. It is another form of conscious dentistry by breathing through your nose; you become sedated and calm from the nitrous oxide.

 Oral Sedatives

Generally these are the pills that are given to patients to take shortly before they arrive for their dental work. These pills are usually taken about an hour before the scheduled appointment and they help the patient get into an extremely relaxed yet conscious state.

General Anesthesia

This is the one form of dental sedation that allows a patient to be unconscious. This form of dental sedation is rare and is only used in cases of extreme dental phobia or when an extremely complex procedure is being performed.

How sleep dentistry Work?

Dental will gave some medicine to the patient. The medicine should not patient to sleep but should make them quite drowsy. On the dental chair the patient will feel extremely relaxed and technically they will essentially be sleep. Patients are not unconscious during sleep dentistry. In some cases the patients is actually put in a state of extreme relaxation.


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