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Dentures Patients Can Be Proud Of

Contemporary dentures at Bondi Dental fit precisely for a natural-looking appearance enabling you to eat and smile once again with confidence

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Dentures – Contemporary, Comfortable and Lifelike

Advances in dentistry, materials, and technologies mean our contemporary dentures don’t just look natural, they’re also designed for a perfectly comfortable fit.

About Our Partial or Full Dentures

Our partial and full dentures are made using some of the latest materials. Materials that are strong, durable but lightweight. We also ensure aesthetics like gum tone and tooth colour are natural and perfectly matched for that flawless look.

While partial’s are designed to replace a single or several missing teeth, full dentures are designed to replace entire arches of teeth. So if you have one or more missing teeth and want a quick-fix solution, come and talk to Bondi Dental about our range of contemporary and comfortable dentures.

Other Denture Options?

In addition to full or partial dentures, we also provide overdentures. These are more stable than conventional dentures and minimise the degree of bone loss that usually occurs when teeth are lost, thus helping to preserve the facial structures.

Unlike conventional dentures, overdentures are attached to dental implants in order to provide greater comfort, stability, and durability. An entire arch of missing teeth can be fully stabilised using just 4 to 6 dental implants and one overdenture.

If you’re considering dentures, Bondi Dental is here to help. We regularly treat patients from Bondi Junction and other Eastern suburbs. Why not contact us to discuss your dental options.


Are dentures difficult to get used to?

Like any dental appliances – and full or partial dentures are no exception – they will need time before your mouth gets fully used to them. Typically, this takes a few weeks. It also requires a little bit of practice to put your dentures in and take them out. Be sure to follow the denture instructions our dentist gives you and don’t try biting down to force your dentures into position as this could bend or break the clasps.

What about eating?

When you first get your dentures, patients are recommended to eat softer foods like flaked fish, pasta, mashed potato and soup for the first week or so. After this, when your mouth gets used to them, you should be able to eat normally again.

Will my dentures need adjusting?

Dentures do lose their fit over time and will need regular adjustments to prevent them from irritating your gums or causing infection. In addition, It’s important for denture wearers to visit our clinic every six months for a check-up and to review the condition of your denture.

How about cleaning?

Cleaning your dentures regularly will extend their life. As well as minimising any odours, cleaning removes plaque. Dentures can also be soaked in a denture cleanser – If in doubt, ask our dentists for advice.