Emergency Dentist Bondi Sydney

Do You Need Emergency Dentist?
Don’t worry, we are here to help!

Dental emergencies don’t happen too often, but if and when they do, immediate action is often necessary.

If you are in pain, our emergency dentist will aim to see you as soon as possible. We often do it within an hour, but certainly within the day. Pretty rare for a dentist in Bondi, Sydney!

Don’t worry, emergency dentist is available almost any time, we are open evenings and even Sundays!

For dental emergencies outside of business hours please call Haddon’s mobile phone at 0401 074 586 or during business hours our Bondi Beach, Sydney number (02) 9365 6197.

Dental Emergency

Broken tooth

If you have a broken tooth or tooth fracture, contact the emergency dentist as soon as possible. If the tooth is knocked out, place it in a glass of milk, call our emergency dentist, and there is a good chance we can re-implant it. Try not to touch the root portion of the tooth.


If you have swelling, an abscess, or a fever, let our emergency dentist Bondi know as soon as possible. Waiting until Monday may be considerate, but it often makes it even harder to treat the problem if you wait. The sooner you come the better the chance the dentist can save your tooth.


A toothache can be caused by many different things. Sometimes the nerve is dying, and you will need to have a root canal. Other times, you may have a gum abscess, and an antibiotic will solve the problem.

Whatever the cause of your dental emergency, our emergency dentist Bondi will usually need to see you, and take an x-ray to decide what the cause is. Please call us when you have a toothache and let our emergency dentist Bondi take you out of pain – before it gets worse.

Loss of Tooth Filling

If you have lost your tooth filling; you can put soft, sugar-free chewing gum in the spot, from where tooth filling is lost. This chewing gum filling will save the area for a short time. You must go to an emergency dentist.

Call our emergency dentist, and we will take care of your lost filling.

Lost Crown

In case the crown is fall off you must visit emergency dentist immediately. Such injuries need instant cure.

Mouth Injuries

Injuries inside the mouth can be tears, puncture wounds and lacerations to the cheek, lips or tongue. Such injuries need instant cure. You must visit an emergency dentist for these type of injuries.

Jaw Fracture

If you have broken your jaw, then you must immediately visit the emergency dentist. You MUST stop the movement of your jaw, before you approach a dentist. You can use a cloth, bandage or towel around the jaw and knot it over the head. This will stop the movement of jaw.

Object Stuck between teeth

Object like small piece of bone may stuck between the teeth. You may try a dental floss to remove the object. You MUST do it gently, with lot of care. NEVER use any sharp object for this purpose. It may harm your gums or surface of teeth.

If you are not able to remove object, you can call our emergency dentist Bondi. Our emergency dentist will take care of your teeth and remove the object.


Our Emergency Dentist Bondi Service is available for emergency dental calls 24hours a day and 7 days a week. Our service is also available on Sunday.

For dental emergencies outside of business hours please call Haddon’s mobile phone at 0401 074 586 or during business hours our Bondi Beach, Sydney number (02) 9365 6197.