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Dental implants are the gold standard of missing teeth replacement and not without good reason but they come at a price. It’s understandable, therefore, that if you are going to invest heavily in your smile, you would want to find out everything about them including the answer to the question ‘how do dental implants work?

In this post, we’ll not only give you the answer but tell you pretty much everything else you need to make an informed dental decision.

So let’s dive in…

Firstly, what is a dental implant?

Dental implants are metal posts which are directly inserted into the jaw during a surgical procedure. Once in place, they provide a foundation or platform upon which to attach a dental crown, bridge or denture. 

Ultimately, dental implants provide a permanent and long-term solution for the replacement of a missing tooth or teeth and this is a significant advantage over more traditional tooth replacement options.


So how do dental implants work exactly?

We’ve already mentioned that a dental implant provides a permanent and long-term solution to missing teeth replacement, but how does it get to become permanently anchored in the mouth?

In a word… osseointegration!

When a natural tooth is missing, the bone tissue that once supported the tooth root is no longer needed. As a result, it starts to atrophy (dissolve back into the body). During dental implant surgery, an artificial tooth root (the dental implant) is inserted directly into the jaw bone and once in place, it mimics a real tooth root.

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Over time, the surrounding bone tissue fuses with the surface of the artificial tooth root (the dental implant) to create a rock-solid foundation that is permanently fixed in the mouth. This vital process is known as osseointegration and stems from the Latin ‘osseous’ (bony) and ‘Integrale’ (to make whole).

Once the implant is firmly anchored in position, it’s ready to be topped with a dental crown, bridge or denture, to complete the treatment.

This bone fusion process is painless and occurs naturally, typically taking between 2-5 months to complete. During this period after dental implant surgery, patients are free to go about their normal daily lives.


So what does life after dental implant surgery mean for dental implant patients?

The reality is that for many patients, dental implants offer a quality of life that you wouldn’t get from more traditional teeth replacement options. 

For instance, they are the nearest thing to natural-looking teeth that modern dentistry allows. They allow you to eat whatever you like with no restrictions and finally, dental implants can halt the bone loss process once and for all, something traditional dentures and bridges can’t do.

Now you know the answer to the question ‘how do dental implants work?’ you’ll see that dental implants represent a good investment and one that can keep your smile looking and functioning well for many years to come.

To find out more about whether dental implants are a suitable option for you, come and talk to the team at Bondi Beach Dental by calling us on (02) 9365 6197. We offer the latest Adin, MIS and other clinically-proven implant systems and are happy to discuss your current situation and how we can help.


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