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Perhaps you bit down on something hard or tripped and fell on concrete. It can be worrying when you first realise you have a cracked tooth. Is it a dental emergency, or can it wait? Follow along as we discuss when you should visit an emergency dentist and the various procedures for crack tooth repair

When should you visit an emergency dentist for crack tooth repair?

As a rule, a dental emergency requires immediate treatment, usually by phoning a dentist for a same-day appointment. While a broken tooth where a large piece of the tooth is missing should be treated as a dental emergency, minor fractures or chipped teeth can usually wait for the next available scheduled appointment. 

So now we’ve cleared that up, let’s discuss how a dentist can repair a cracked tooth

Five crack tooth repair procedures 

Although tooth enamel is the strongest tissue in the human body, it can still be cracked or broken. Fortunately, our experienced dentists can use cosmetic or restorative procedures to repair a cracked tooth. Which treatment you have will depend on the extent of the damage, its location, and your budget.


Dental bonding 

Composite bonding is the quickest and easiest way to repair a cracked tooth and is typically used in teeth that are cracked, chipped, discoloured, gapped and malformed. The dentist etches the tooth’s surface to help the bonding adhere. The plastic composite is then applied, moulded and smoothed before being hardened with a special blue light. It’s then shaped and polished to mimic a natural tooth. 

Root canal  

The dentist may recommend root canal therapy if a crack has extended into the tooth’s pulp.

repair crack tooth bondiThe procedure involves removing decayed material from the canals and the tooth’s nerve.

It’s performed under local anaesthesia to ease any discomfort. A few weeks after root canal therapy, a dental crown may be placed to stop the crack from spreading.

Root canals often require more than one dental appointment. 

Dental crown

Dental crowns are a form of crack tooth repair generally reserved for a severely cracked tooth. A crown covers the whole of the visible portion of the tooth, giving it additional strength and protecting it from further damage. At Bondi Beach Dental, we’re pleased to offer patients same-day CEREC crowns that are designed, milled, and placed in a single dental appointment. 

Porcelain veneer

Veneers are bonded to the front surface of a tooth to conceal fine cracks and minor chips. A thin sliver of enamel is shaved off to accommodate the veneer, making it a permanent procedure. Once tooth enamel is removed, there is no going back. You may not be a candidate for veneers if your teeth are decayed or you have gum disease.

Dental implant 

If a crack in a tooth extends below the gum line, the dentist will not be able to repair it and will have to extract the tooth and replace it with a dental implant. An implant acts as a tooth root and is secured into the jawbone for a permanent fit. Once it has bonded with the bone, it’s topped with a dental crown to complete the restoration. 

So, there you have it – five crack tooth repair procedures. Our dentists will be happy to examine your cracked tooth and recommend the most suitable treatment. Why not call the team at Bondi Beach Dental to see how we can assist with a cracked tooth? Call us now on (02) 9365 6197.



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